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We are excited to announce our new relationship with Cyber Interns, an online community connecting online interns and employers over a global platform.

“Virtual Internships” are a hot new trend in business allowing companies to connect with individuals around the world, while building experience and opportunity never before accessible.

Interns, can now experience the fast past work flow of New York, while studying out of Los Angeles, while another student in London can experience the techniques and style of fashion in Paris.

Oprah interned at a television station in Nashville,  designer Betsey Johnson interned at Mademoiselle magazine, filmmaker Spike Lee was an intern for Columbia Pictures, other famous and successful interns include Donald Trump, Stephen Spielberg, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Madeline Albright.

Owner and creator Talan Torriero, has captivated an entire online community, check out some press links below to find out more about Talan and Cyber Interns:

Look for more news about Cyber Interns coming up in the future months as we grow closer to our project completion, we are extremely excited and would like to thank everyone over at Cyber Interns for an opportunity to share our creative.