Firehouse Bar & Grill Logo by RECREATE media

RECREATE media had the gracious honor of re-creating the brand for one of old town Scottsdale’s legendary spots, now called FIREHOUSE Bar & Grill

This restaurant bar & grill will retain ton’s of the same qualities that Mickeys Hangover, the original occupant of the corner of Drinkwater and 5th ave, across from Martini Ranch.

FIREHOUSE will deliver a chill environment with an amazing menu (brunch, lunch and late night eats), a one of kind environment and a bunch of surprises on opening day that will let Scottsdale know one thing, FIREHOUSE means hot business.

FIREHOUSE Bar & Grill in Scottsdale

RECREATE media branding package with website design

Another feature to the FIREHOUSE will be its musical selections, creators Justin Gurian and Mike Alexander have compiled an impressive list of innovative DJ’s that will be spinning  the latest beats, and not that top 40 b.s. you heard at your next door nightclub, were talking some real deal Holyfield tracks influenced from multiple genres ranging from rock, hip hop, electro, and dubstep.

So go check out and listen to some great music!

On a side note, our designer Ryan McKay showcases his personal website and digital illustrations at , below is a piece from the “Skulls and Spines” edition for the month of September.

Skulls and Spines by

Skulls and Spines by RMD