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FIREHOUSE Bar & Grill Logo design

DOMiNATION Fridays Branding Identity by RECREATE media

Atlantic logo

Atlantic Bar & Grill in Los Angeles needed an elegant final product for their new restaurant and brand. RECREATE delivered a logo that was branded across multiple platforms, signage and marketing materials.

Kroll Fitness

Kroll Fitness located in Scottsdale, Arizona needed a strong and effective logo for their private personal training service. RECREATE delivered a future meets fitness type style that is easily read while giving an effective brand to fitness.

Arizona Crushers – Little League logo design

Arizona Crushers, a local little league team from Glendale, Arizona, was looking for a logo that delivered a strong traditional baseball look while giving a touch of style. RECREATE media designed a youthful and aggressive team logo that could be applied to jerseys, hats, banners and bags.

Wall Street Crash

Los Angeles based rock band, Wall Street Crash, requested a logo that would stand out while influencing 40s and 50s American gangster style. RECREATE media provided logo design and development using a tommy gun in the background with bullets in the foreground while the words horizontally read together with the art work.