Category: identity

My Primetime TV

Phoenix based satellite provider MyPrimeTimeTV needed a logo to appeal to a very large base of demographics while connecting the customer to the satellite TV market. RECREATE media established some bold colors as well as introduced the “image of a satellite  transmitting” in order to connect with the customer.

Missing Link

Logo design and development for Las Vegas based Biz ops company called the Missing Link. RECREATE media established the metal links as an icon.

Midnight Techs

Logo design and development for phoenix based IT company called Midnight Techs. RECREATE media took influence from their 24/7 slogans and work habits.

Hot Off The Tee

Logo design and development for social networking website focusing on young golfers, H.O.T.T. or Hot off the Tee.  RECREATE media provided an image that gives energy and aligns with young golfers.

Heitened Sound

Scottsdale based sound specialists, Heitened Sound need a logo that was aligned with the dance music communitity they are involved in, as well as cater to his corporate clients. RECREATE media designed and developed a bold and professional approach using shapes to depict sound radiating from the ends.

Halo Effect

Scottsdale based PR company, Halo Effect, requested a logo that would align with their parent company Blue Moon Productions. RECREATE media designed and developed a logo that was simple, attractive and easily read.