RECREATE media relaunch in 2017

RECREATE media relaunch in 2017

Hello from RECREATE! We’ve been on hiatus for the last 6 months finishing up building our creative network, training our new staff and gearing up for our end of the year relaunch!

We finished our internal projects, launched an online truck auction and published several e-commerce projects. We also had a chance to travel to Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Spain in March finalizing our locations over the pond while soaking up inspiration in Europe.


After Europe, we traveled to New York meeting with our Times Square Creative crew in Manhattan. Locking down our strategy for our NYC introduction next year and enjoying central park in the Spring.

We are excited to share our latest branding, design and website projects that we’ve finished in 2016, along with additional projects from 2015 and some exciting news about our new HQ.creative strikes back

We’re also excited to introduce our new creative network, Creative Strikes Back, which launches with 20+ locations around the US, Mexico, Netherlands and Spain in 2017.

Creative Strikes Back provides in-house creative services powered by our crew in LA and NYC. With representatives on the ground in each location, we  have now the ability to meet with clients in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Burbank, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Denver, Miami Beach, Washington DC, Times Square, Lower Manhattan, Forest Hills NYC, Mexico City, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Our motto, Global Style with a Local Smile, highlights our emphasis that appeals to global style, while providing local creative support in each market with project managers, designers and developers.

Thanks for tuning into RECREATE media and best wishes from our founder – @RyanMcKayDesign


RECREATE media in 2012

We have had a roller coaster of a 2012 year, from taking over multiple national accounts to expanding our staff, we have had a year to remember!

This month we celebrate the 8 year Anniversary of RECREATE media, founded in October 2004 ,we have been building our experience, brand & capabilities for the future in the creative business.

Well the future is now and going into our 9th Year of business in 2013, we have more on the plate than ever, transitioning into the future we have added multiple extensions of RECREATE to add to our arsenal & service clients all over the world.

We just got back from Traveling around Europe for 3 weeks meeting some new clients, exploring different influences and getting the ball rolling on our Amsterdam location.

We would like to thank the following clients who have made this year our most expectional year to date:



Coughing Canary

BlueDot Glass

Silver Legacy Casino

Zuma Grill


POP Nation


Antars Sports Bistro

Client Relations Distribution

Iconique Lounge

DJ Prophet

Ocean Bar

Vivaldi Salon Suites

Pizza Rev

Head West & Head East

With our expansion of services we delayed our new website launch over the summer, along with waiting to debut some other cool technology for 2013. Keep checking back to , YOU DESCRIBE IT,  WE DESIGN IT.

Thanks – RECREATE media