RECREATE media kicks off Summer with specials on Flyer Design, Logo Design and Web Design

RECREATE media is starting its Summer off with some  specials for our current Arizona customers and our new Los Angeles customers, with savings of 50% on three of our top creative products.

Flyer Design regular price starting at $100 is on sale for $50 – full color one sided web flyer

Logo Design regular price starting at $300 is on sale for $150 – includes 2 ready versions for print and web!

Website Design regular price starting at $1500 is on sale for $750 –  including 3 pages and your own Email!

Check out our flyer below for some New Specials regarding business cards, tri-fold brochures and 1/4 page promotional flyers.
We provide Graphic Design, Web Design and Development, Social Media Marketing, Logo Branding & Identity, Web Hosting and low cost Printing shipped to your front door!

Remember as always “You Describe It, We Design It” – RECREATE Media

Click here to download SUMMER SPECIALS PDF

RECREATE media Summer Creative Specials
RECREATE media Summer Creative Specials

We also have 3 Wallpapers available for download below for your creative inspiration, just click on the pic and it will direct you to the FULL SIZE , or click on the download link.

CREATE – Click here to download

RECREATE media wallpaper download - Create
RECREATE media wallpaper download

2011 RECREATE media Tron Tribute- Click here to download

RECREATE media Tron Tribute 2011
RECREATE media wallpaper download

2011 RECREATE media You Describe It, We Design It- Click here to download

RECREATE media wallpaper download
You Describe It, We Design It wallpaper download

Holy Analog!! We just hit lucky number 555 on our Facebook fan page, plus we wanted to share some Beastie Boys meets Beck to celebrate!

recreate media facebook logo "recreated"
RECREATE media recreate's facebooks logo

RECREATE just hit 555 fans on our facebook fanpage. Go check out and Like Us, we are 100% authentic in house creative development!

We have the capability to design custom Facebook Fan page’s, teaming up with Tabsite, we have the power to design, develop and manage online facebook campaigns for nightclubs, restaurants, real estate agents, small business’s, and any other company looking for creative online customization on facebook.

For more information please email
We are excited to announce the opening of our Los Angeles office next month in May and the addition of some key individuals to increase RECREATE’s arsenal of creative staff.

We appreciate your support of RECREATE media and we would like to give you some music for your listening pleasure:


Thank you for your continued support of RECREATE media, an in house creative and web development firm in Scottsdale and Los Angeles.


RECREATE Winter Expansion 2011

We have been plotting and working on our creative takeover, here are some pictures from our recent trips to Mammouth Lakes, Lake Tahoe, Scottsdale, Denver, back to Denver for SIA and New Mexico for blizzard watch 2011.

Next week we are showcasing a ton of creative, announcing some clients and projects, while debuting Scottsdale’s hottest website.

Check out some pictures and enjoy!


Scottsdale Bumping

An inside look into Creative Branding and how RECREATE media provides innovation for business marketing

RECREATE media wanted to give an inside look at our branding identity, creative design, web development and marketing concepts over the last 90 days going into the winter holidays. Our strategy to provide dedicated in house creative support has lead to the development of some exciting business relationships into the new year.
We are incredibly gracious for the opportunity to work with the likes of Firehouse, AiRIA Nightclub, Green Model, Scottsdale Nights, Jackrabbit, Handy Spice , Deviltry Dolls, DJ Benjamin Cutswell, Deejay T3, Greg Harrington presents, Wholesale Hookup and Printing Robot, along with the many other organizations and people who have come across our path and allowed us to get creative.
In the creative business you strive to provide customers with a competitive edge with unique concepts, innovative graphic design mixed with strong visual identity, and consistent web presence.
Below are examples of our work and strategy ranging from logo branding and identity, web development or just simply some creative graphic design:


Firehouse brandingBranding for FirehouseBranding for FirehouseFirehouse logoFirehouse brandingAiRIA Nightclub

Branding for AiRIA NightclubJackrabbit Nightclub

Branding for Jackrabbitbranding for JackrabbitGreen Model

website development for Green ModelDeviltry Dolls

logo development for Deviltry DollsDJ Benjamin Cutswell

press kit, logo development and graphic design for DJ Benjamin CutswellDeejay T3

logo development for deejay t3Greg Harrington presents

flyer design and tshirt design for Greg Harrington Presents

Wholesale Hookup

logo development for Wholesale HookupPrinting Robot

logo development for Printing Robot

We appreciate your continued support of RECREATE media into the new year and hope everyone enjoys their holidays.
Big thanks to staff members Vann Guiterrez, Bryce Niemann, Sheila Marquez and Ryan McKay.
We would also like to welcome our new in house artist and creative consultant, Winter Hodge.

Creative design and web development leads to building a successful brand or business

Creative has three meanings in the definition:

-able to bring something new or unique into existence
– resulting from originality; imaginative
-originate; produce

Design has three meanings in the definition:

-to plan and fashion skillfully
-to form in the mind
-to make sketches or plans

Web development is a combination of definitions:

Web has one true definition

-the world wide web

Development although has three definitions

-act or process of bringing to a more advanced state; growth; progress
-significant consequence or event
-progressed state or form

Creative design is being able to plan and skillfully bring something new or unique into existence.

Web development is using the world wide web for growth and progress via design, development and publishing of online websites.

RECREATE Media offers creative design and web development, delivering successful business branding, marketing and online management for your business, brand or product.

We are setting the pace for in house creative with innovative sources for inspiration and the ability to introduce non traditional techniques. With that being said, we strive to innovate with our creativity and provide a strong foundation for growth.

Give us a call today at, 480-947-4191 or email us at or even better stop by our office from 12noon till 6pm Tuesday through Friday and lets talk creative.

Check out these pics of the local neighborhood, our office is located in Old Town Scottsdale in the Marshall Ways Arts District in the 5th Avenue shops, photos taken by Bryce Niemann and pshop HDR toning applied post production:

back of RECREATE media offices in Scottsdale, Arizona

front of 5th Avenue in front of RECREATE media

back of RECREATE media offices in Scottsdale, Arizona

Also check out this track from one of our favorite Snowboarders/musicians Trevor Andrews band “Trouble Andrew”

Click below and go listen to some good music