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We have had an unbelievable last 12 months at RECREATE, from expanding to San Diego & Lake Tahoe to developing our headquarters in Studio City, we’ve been one busy creative crew.

Last winter we had the opportunity to work with Mr. Mark Irwin ASC/CSC, a cinematographer who filmed such projects as Something about Mary, Scream and one of RECREATE’s favorites Kingpin. Mark invented a new twist on tripod functionality for the film industry and was interested in building his website from the ground up so he contacted us.

After meeting with Mark for the first time and going over what he was looking for, our ideas began to unravel, we had a vision of modern and responsive website design that showcased Mark’s products while telling the story of the 3iSpreader. After entering into our 2nd meeting and explaining how everything worked and our vision, Mark gave us the green light and we began our journey.

Fast forward 112 days later and we are the proud designers, developers and publishers of www.3iSpreader.comimac-mockup


We would like to thank Mark and 3i for this opportunity, look for a full write up next week on our blog showing the process of how we develop one of kind, responsive websites built by hand in Studio City, California.


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Thanks, Ryan from RECREATE media

Lake Tahoe Creative provides Creative, Web & Branding in Lake Tahoe, Reno and San Francisco

We are excited to introduce our newest expansion into Northern California called Lake Tahoe Creative,  servicing local business in Lake Tahoe, Reno & the San Francisco areas with creative, web & branding solutions.

Based out of South Lake, Lake Tahoe Creative is the first expansion in our Creative Network in the US, last year we ventured to Amsterdam to set up the beginning stages of our European division DamSquare Creative.

Lake Tahoe Creative

Spanning from Amsterdam to Los Angeles, The Creative Network will provide small & big business’s with an opportunity to work with our system of creative products and solutions, providing innovative services in the creative and web industry. Along with Amsterdam and Lake Tahoe, RECREATE expansions in Scottsdale, Santa Monica & Hollywood are set to open in 2014.

The Creative Network by RECREATE media

Lake Tahoe Creative  is head by our Partner & Client Manager Jason Reynolds, with over 8 years of Tahoe hospitality, restaurant management and real estate experience. We are excited to bring Jason and his family on board the RECREATE family while building an exciting brand for years to come in the South Lake Tahoe community.

For more information about Lake Tahoe Creative go to 

We Appreciate everyone’s support  for over 10 years in the creative and web industry, without our word of mouth marketing and loyal clients, we could not have grown this far while expanding into different markets!

You Describe It, We Design It – Ryan from RECREATE media


RECREATE media Winter Specials for Creative services, Web development and Printing starts November 1st

Starting November 1st our Winter Specials start for our creative services including E-commerce packages, new Silk Business Cards, Monthly Creative Retainers, Vinyl Banners, Nightclub Flyers, Starter Websites and much more!

Check out our specials below and give us a call today at 818-732-1396 to Pre-Order our Winter Specials, and remember “You Describe It, We Design It” at RECREATE media.

RECREATE media Winter Specials on creative, web and printing