Merry Christmas from RECREATE media, A Tribute to Salvador Dali

Happy Holidays from RECREATE media, this year we wanted to share some artwork for the holidays from one of our favorite artists and surrealist thinkers, Mr. Salvador Dali.

Dali’s Christmas painting is our favorite rendition of the Yule Tide season, with very detailed surrealism, this painting is just awesome on so many levels.

In celebration of Salvador and his artwork, we designed a graphic with Dali as the focal point and provided his Christmas painting for everyone to enjoy!

We hope everyone enjoys their Holiday Season and look for huge things this next year at RECREATE media, including our new website in February and our new location opening up next month in Studio City.

Thanks for all your support for RECREATE media, this truly is my dream to deliver creative solutions through digital design and web, and this dream is only getting started after 8 years!

Ryan McKay – Lead Designer/Owner

RECREATE media Tribute Illustration to Salvador Dali by Ryan McKay

Christmas (Noel ) by Salvador Dali