Our latest Graphic design, Web Development and Branding from RECREATE media, we debut our new website next month!

RECREATE has been developing our new website over the past 6 months with technology and advice from some of the smartest monks in the web development industry, traveling from one end of the internet to another, our staff has put some time in developing the latest and greatest methods of displaying our creative work, web development and branding examples.

With that being said we have kept our website updates to a minimum on our latest work and wanted to provide some examples including brochure design, website design and development, business card design, logo design, branding examples, web flyers and much more!.

Enjoy the last 60 days of creative from RECREATE media, we provided some examples from clients in Los Angeles, Hermosa Beach, North Hollywood, Scottsdale and Portland!

This will be our last post from our old website, thanks to Vann Guiterrez from Matador in Scottsdale for helping build this current site that has served us well over the last two years.

Shouts out to the one and only DJ PROPHET for hooking us with Silo, Skinny’s and P71 on the flyer design, check out his fresh classic hip hop sounds weekly at those events below, on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/DJPROPHET and on Facebook at DJ PROPHET

Thanks always for the support and look for our new website debuting the last week of February!

“You Describe It, We Design It” – RECREATE media

MESSENGER RUSH | Santa Monica | Logo design

Old Town Scottsdale Tours | Scottsdale | – Tri-fold Brochure design

Firehouse Bar & Grill | Scottsdale | Menu Design

Malhotra YP & El Hefe | Scottsdale | Flyer design

Ocean Bar & Lounge | Hermosa Beach |  Flyer design

Old Town Scottsdale Tour| Scottsdale | Logo design

Firehouse Bar & Grill | Scottsdale | Flyer Design

SILO Vodka Bar | Downtown Los Angeles

Skinny’s Lounge | North Hollywood | Flyer Design

P71 Lounge | Studio City | Flyer Design

A-Team Roofing | Portland | Logo design