RECREATE media 2013 and beyond

After months of re-aligning our priorities as we expand into 4 new markets in 2013, our clients and potential customers needs for an online location to view our portfolio as we develop our new international based business & online web presence has never been in such demand.


This Summer we launch that new site with examples, portfolio design’s and enough creative, web & branding to give everyone an idea of what RECREATE is capable of in the creative business.

Next month we return to Holland to begin the process of opening up our Amsterdam location, along with expanding to Lake Tahoe, back to Scottsdale & across the city of Los Angeles with 2 new locations in Santa Monica & Melrose Ave, RECREATE is packed with strategy, growth and expansion in 2013 .

RECREATE media 2013

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity we have been given by our multiple clients who have let RECREATE media get creative since 2004.

Special thanks to Firehouse, Firehouse Tempe, Silver Legacy Casino, Zuma Grill, Dj Prophet, Pop Nation, Zong Glass & the many more who have made our journey possible.

To check out some of our latest work go to

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