Jan 2nd 2016

We took over a year off from our Music Department while building our creative network, Creative Strikes Back and traveling to our locations training our staff in NYC, Amsterdam and Denver. In the last year there has been so many individual releases that it would be impossible for us to showcase them all (RTJ2!!) , but as an end to our year and an audio christmas present, Run the Jewels dropped their 3rd installment RTJ3 on Christmas for free at

Run the Jewels new album is filled with dirty jewel runner bass, topped with melodic future beats produced by El-P that make you wanna nod your head all day and forget about the current sad state of hip hop. Both El and Killer Mike attack each track with their usual sequence of complimenting each others verses, with an ability to bounce back and forth as if it was an effortless freestyle blending together better after each album. Bonus points for the Danny Brown and BOOTS collaboration, El-P’s production on the whole is impressive as always.

Our favorite jam on the album is the last track titled “A Report to the Shareholders: Kill Your Masters“, a multi-layered package of beats and flows that start with El-P and Killer Mike going back and forth over a sample based beat, with zero warning it transitions mid-song into an evil style sequence that El, Mike and Zach de la Rocha from Rage Against the Machine absolutely destroy to end the track, album and your impression of RTJ3.

Go download the album for free at & run the through the entire album a couple times, congrats to the whole team at RTJ, you guys are giving a ton of music fans something to get excited about with every release while providing much needed substance in the world of hip hop. Run Em!

Reviewed by @RyanMcKayDesign


November 6th 2015

In our 5th edition, we spent the last 4 months traveling back and forth from Los Angeles to New York, setting up our newest office in Times Square, while finding additional locations in Queens, East Village & Brooklyn. With the obvious influence from coast to coast travel, we also picked up on some amazing music influences and artists along the way.


Our first spotlight is on Boots out of Brooklyn, even know this EP has been out most of the year, we still can’t stop bumping I Run Roulette  and his production on Run The Jewels 2 is some serious heavyweight firepower (Kudos dude!) Listen to his EP Motorcycle Jesus from his short film named Motorcycle Jesus (watch below), turn it up loud and enjoy those modern blues!


And peep out his short film Motorcycle Jesus


September 21st 2015

In our 4th edition, from NY to LA, we’ve been busy on each coast, building some rad projects & setting up our Times Square Creative office in midtown Manhattan. One of our favorite beat makers just dropped a 20 minute mix called “Queen of Hearts” which in our case was bumped on Queens Blvd for a week of work, nodding our head while setting up the beginning foundation in Forest Hills, Queens.

Mr. Carmack thanks for the heat and keep killing it in 2015, warning for full experience turn audio volume to 100%



July 14th 2015

In our third edition, our music department features some music influenced from our trip to the Caribbean visiting St. Martin for our summer vacation! In tribute to our 10 days on the island we’ve got to throw a nod to our favorite UK reggae band, Steel Pulse, and our favorite track Your House! Even though their not Caribbean we still bumped their music all trip! New pics from the adventures coming end of the month and enjoy the music, the reggae music!


July 1st 2015

In our 2nd edition, our MUSIC DEPARTMENT suggests you take a listen to Bassnectar’s newest Album Into the Sun, complimented with a really fresh Mixtape 13 release.

Our favorite track by Zion I, Louis Futon & Bassnectar is definitely some tasty vibes with hints of hip hop & electronic music, we also are smitten on his remix of The Naked and Famous’s “No Way’‘, that definitely continues down his remixes of M83 and Primus.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 1.01.57 AM

Bassnectar definitely has some new sounds but still delivers his massive  build up’s and drops that compete throughout the album for your audio attention.  So far this summer is kicking ass for music!



– RECREATE media


June 22nd 2015


We will be spotlighting our favorite tracks, mixes and music from the vast variety of artists that influence our creativity and is playing at HQ in Studio City.

This week, kicking off our series we spotlight Djemba Djemba and his latest mix for HARDSUMMER 2015 that has more heaters than Doc Gooden, Nolan Ryan & Roger Clemens combined.

Bump it 100% volume for extra credit and tune in every week for the newest fresh music bumping at RECREATE media.

Check out our Djemba Djemba Logo Remix by our founder @RyanMcKayDesign 


– RECREATE media