SSL Certificates and why your website needs protection

Illustration by @RyanMcKayDesign

Recently with the leverage of Google, Bing and most other search engines, SSL certificates are now becoming mandatory for every website as a measure of trust, confirmation of site ownership and to protect all information you will be entering online.

What is an SSL Certificate?

A Secure Sockets Layer or an SSL certificate, creates a secure path in which information including usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and website data is safely protected.

In order for visitors to know their data is safe, your website must be secure. The “s” in https and the lock in the browser address bar are two ways of knowing that a website is protected by a SSL certificate.

This protection eliminates the opportunity for hackers to intercept your information and greatly decreases your identity being stolen online.

Do I really need a SSL certificate?

Even if you have a simple website or complicated E-commerce shopping cart, we suggest to protect your website with a SSL certificate from RECREATE media. Hackers are getting into websites easier when a secure sockets layer is not present and an extra layer of security is always better when presenting information online.

Illustration by @RyanMcKayDesign

How does the SSL certificate work?

A custom handshake is created between your website and your browser ensuring a safe transaction, after this process a padlock appears in your browser revealing your “https” protected domain.

Secure your website with RECREATE media

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